Proventa, your partner for digital transformations

We have already paved the way for many companies to go digital. We analyze the challenges within a company and develop a suitable IT strategy that is explicitly adapted to the needs of the company.

We use an approach that is unique on the European market and ensures that a digital transformation can be carried out cost-effectively and sustainably. Our agile team of digital experts use their experience to carry out holistic and innovative projects in the company. Together with our partners, Proventa has an effective impact on the digital future in business and society.


Digitization takes courage and creativity.

According to current market studies, 80% of companies consider digitization to be inevitable, but only 5% have a concrete idea of ​​what exactly needs to be done. A lack of know-how and fears are often the biggest obstacles on the way to this change.

Our vision is to make Germany and Europe competitive on the global market again. We have committed ourselves to the vision of imparting this know-how by overcoming all fears together with you and awakening your creativity and courage in order to close the digitization gap. In this way, together, we can create digital ecosystems from traditional companies, which will ensure a competitive future for you.


Agile methods in the digitization strategy

We have made it our mission to advance digitization in Germany and Europe. Consolidated data that can be used company-wide in a wide variety of systems is a requirement for successful digitization. Together with you, we create a consolidation plan for your data and, based on this, a digitization strategy as a road map for implementation. The use of agile working methods delivers the most sustainable results, and your employees are thereby enabled to work digitally with independence.

The global digital development of companies is advancing more and more, and we are making you fit for the future.

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Proventa is member of…

  • OSB Alliance
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  • Postgres User Group Frankfurt
  • RPA Meetup Frankfurt

How we managed to bring all digitalization services under one roof

Proventa started in the field of database technologies in 1992. That year database solutions were a big issue. The first relational databases conquered the market and largely replaced the hierarchical databases. But who should do these migrations?

This is exactly what we specialized in the year we were founded – with great success. To this day, data migration and the handling of data volumes larger than 10 billion data records play a central role at Proventa.

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Our actions value people.



We aspire to the highest standards in our actions.



Our actions instill passion in us and others.

Meet the team

Our experts from the areas of agile work, process automation, big data, open-source database, low code, cloud, and DevOps are usually working directly at the customer’s site or remotely from the company headquarters or home office. Many of our employees have been with Proventa for years and live our values ​​of adapting and developing in line with economic and social changes. We establish an open and communicative work culture with our customer and motivate teams to work together.

The founding fathers of Proventa Wolfram Wittmann and Vojko Vojkovic are still active as board members in the company today. With the growth of the company, Diego Calvo de Nó was brought on board as another member of the leadership in 2012 to strengthen the management. Together with the employees, the board members work incessantly on new digital concepts and innovations for the company and develop new customers from already known or new industries.