Challenges of the digital future

Regardless of the size, companies struggle with comparable challenges on the path of digital transformation. This usually includes an IT landscape that has evolved over time, a lack of motivated employees, and slow processes. Taking action with new ideas and strategies can be very difficult, as new things often meet with uncertainty, fear, and rejection. The fact that digital change can lead to an improvement in the entire company and work situation is initially not noticed.

In view of the changing market situation and the new requirements of the market, standing still is not an option. Digital business models follow new rules and customer and consumer behavior are changing. If your company does not react, you will probably find yourself in dire straits, which could result in missing the potential for the development of digitization.

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Business Services

We are increasingly observing that old business models are being overtaken by agile and digital start-ups. They are positioning themselves more and more succinctly on the market and offer a high-quality alternative. The reason for this is that these companies work with agile and automated processes right from the start of building a digital business. Companies that have grown over time and are facing the digital challenge need to first build a digital strategy. The most the basic components of a digital business are agile working, data analysis, and process automation in order to carry out a successful transformation. As a solution we have developed blueprints and support companies in the entire digitization process.

IT Services

For the IT of a company, digitization means a strong increase in technical requirements combined with an increase in cost pressure and the acceleration of the process to introduce new technologies to the market. An IT-based digital transformation can be roughly divided into four steps:

  • Plan data architecture and introduce open source technologies.
  • Develop an independent cloud strategy to achieve the service level and reduce costs.
  • Build new programs and applications quickly and securely with low code and secure a wide and extensive access.

  • Ensure communication between software development and IT operations using the DevOps approach.

Our goal is to streamline and modernize the IT landscape in order to recognize and enable digitization potential. Our blueprints support companies in the entire digitization process.

Advantages of digitization with Proventa

Our company has been providing advice on the digital transformation of companies since 1992, and we know exactly how to equip our customers for digital change.

Our business model is data and benefit oriented, our methods are agile and customer oriented. This is how we ensure that our customers are satisfied.

The tasks and responsibility of each employee contributes to the digitization of a company. We eliminate time-consuming and repetitive administrative work and implement a structured and efficient workflow.

Our digitization strategy aims to bring only the best providers on board. We first test the technologies extensively and assign our quality assessment according to strict rules.

Our success factors for digital companies

Proventa helps you to ensure that your company is an example of a successful company in future digital markets. With our success strategy and your open mind, we will achieve the seat in the front row of digital competition for you.

Our method to guarantee the best possible quality

Analysis of the challenges in digitization

Every company is individual and therefore needs a digitization solution specially developed for it.

Creation of a future-oriented IT strategy

The digital transformation is not the project of a single department, but an ongoing process that infiltrates all levels of a company. At the same time, communication and implementation from the management level down to each individual employee is important.

Search for game-changer technology

The world of digitization continues to turn – and we are not sitting still. There are always new challenges and competitors on the market, and we are constantly looking for innovative technologies that can meet the requirements.

Building expertise and collaboration

We have specialists and consultants in every technology of the digital transformation and every digital service. We stay on top of the game through regular training in new technologies and a mutual exchange.

Our expert know-how and experience

Data Architect

Safe Coach

DevOps/ Cloud Architect

Agile Coach

Process Automation Experts

System Architect

Design Thinking


Project Manager

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