Partner for nearshore in Germany

Are you urgently in need for specialists and experts for your project? We draw on a wide pool of highly qualified experts from different areas in IT. We will find you the experts or put together teams that fit your requirements.

We have made the experience that many customers search in vain for experts in Germany. Sometimes they even have to give up on some requirements in order to put together a suitable team. Through our IT network in Spain, we have been able to further expand our nearshore area and are now able to respond to the needs of our customers within a very short time.

You should not compromise on your projects either.

Our nearshore services

We are committed to your company to find suitable experts and teams for your IT projects.

Receive requirements and select or search for suitable experts?

A German contact person with IT background is available to you for the search of IT experts. Within two weeks you can expect to receive profiles of suitable IT experts. Our hit rate is over 90%, regardless of whether the requirements are complex.

Coordinate tasks and conditions

After we have found suitable IT experts or whole teams for you, the tasks and conditions, as well as the maximum daily or hourly rates are defined together.

Onboarding of nearshore employees and start of the project

You will have a German-speaking Scrum Master and a German IT architect from Proventa at your side, who will support you with onboarding and during the project. These local contacts ensure  trouble-free communication and the high IT quality standards of Proventa AG.

Diego Calvo de Nó

Diego Calvo de Nó


Want to accelerate your project with a nearshore partner?

I will be happy to advise you on all aspects of building your nearshore team and help you find the right model for you to take advantage of all the benefits.

Nearshore Europe – Spain

Your advantages of choosing your experts in the European nearshore in Spain.

Common cultural European base

No time zone difference

Uniform European law for data protection

German jurisdiction

Our criteria in our selection of nearshore experts in order to achieve high quality and transparency:

Highly qualified experts and certification at European level

Technology at the highest level

Working with state-of-the-art tools and software

Working method based on agile methods

Use of collaboration tools, such as Teams, Miro, Jira and Git

Development in a cloud

Full control of the client over the backlog

Full transparency through daily meetings and cloud repositories

Advantages of Nearshore with Proventa

We are your first point of contact for finding suitable experts. You can discuss your requirements, project goals and expectations with us.

After we have found the right resources for your project, we will provide you with a German-speaking product owner who will advise you, if necessary, also on site, and subsequently support you in communicating within the project.

Sometimes you can only judge how the project will develop over time. We offer our customers the possibility to minimize the risk by paying by sprints.

Do you have any further questions? Feel free to contact us directly.

Our Technologies


Our references

Deutsche Sporthilfe

Proventa, as an implementation partner, and Deutsche Sporthilfe, developed “Meine Sporthilfe”, an app that covers all areas of application for athletes. The app can be used on mobile devices as well as a website on the desktop.

The Digital Advisory Board of Sporthilfe – consisting of IT and digital experts from renowned companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bank or PwC – defined the project “Meine Sporthilfe” as the first milestone for the digital transformation of Sporthilfe and selected Proventa as supplier.


Since 2021, Proventa has supported the open source IT infrastructure company Univention with a fully remote and agile development team in Spain. The nearshore team is fully embedded and integrated as part of the development team. The developers work with the core systems of Univention and hold regular status meetings both with their own team and with Univention. Our team combines highly specialized knowledge of Python backend development with expertise in Linux system administration and DevOps.