Digitization in record time with the low-code platform for developers and non-developers

With Mendix, Proventa offers the fastest and easiest platform for creating and continuously improving mobile and web apps that enable innovations on a web scale. It’s the only low-code platform on the market with fast development and deployment applications. It offers a comprehensive, integrated set of tools for the entire app lifecycle – from idea and development through deployment to operation. Rapid application delivery is the main reason for adopting a low-code platform. However, in order to achieve real agility and scalability in application development, the business level and IT are brought together, and a common basis for communication is created between the two worlds. This enables cross-functional teams to quickly implement agile software projects.

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Don’t write any code. Write your future with low code

Discover the low-code technologies to make your company more efficient and more digital. Together we will build a strategy to scale your business.


Where are you able to apply low code with Mendix? We analyze in advance which possible use applications are available and how the company can save time and money in the future.

  • Prove the value and benefit of low code

  • Mendix demo version inspires and can be applied directly

Training for employees

You want to introduce low code in your company? We train your employees. With or without a technical background, we prepare everyone for working with low code with Mendix.

  • Introduction and handling of the Mendix platform
  • Basic or advanced training
  • For developers and non-developers

Implementation/ Transformation

Support in the conception and solution implementation of the low-code platform on your infrastructure or cloud envi­ron­ment.

  • Individual digital assistants for employees
  • Employee empowerment


After the successful implemen­tation and coaching of your employees in low code, we continue to support you in the use of low code technology with Mendix.

  • Certified experts and support team for the Mendix platform

Proventa and Mendix

Proventa brings together the best digitization technologies on the market. We use the Mendix platform for smooth, fast, and reliable app development.

Get an overview of Mendix, its features, and its strengths

  • Leading low-code software development platform with 4000+ companies already using Mendix and 800+ employees worldwide
  • Best time-to-value platform
  • User-friendly and visually appealing full-stack applications
  • IDEs for developers
  • Several people can work on one app at the same time
  • AI Assist to support developers and prevent errors
  • Creation of multi-channel apps to adapt to every device
  • Cloud-native architecture
  • Apps are cloud-native and offer per-click security and scalability in any cloud
  • Only a single low-code approach is required for each level of experience in application creation
  • Mendix has been named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multi-Experience Development Platforms for the second year in a row

Are you ready to innovate?

Improve your microservices and develop new mobile and web applications with low code. Save costs and at the same time increase the efficiency of the development of business-critical software products. Use visual tools that enable transparent, location-independent, and continuous collaboration between business and IT.

I can advise you on all your questions about low code or Mendix and help you to find the right model to profit from the advantages.

Alexander Renz

Consultant & Mendix Expert

We accompany you throughout the entire app life cycle

The Mendix platform supports in every step of the application lifecycle, from the idea to going live in the cloud. Mendix is represented in the entire DevOps process. In this way, developers, analysts and users within the company can all contribute to a fast deployment process.







Benefits of Mendix

Rapid development for applications that the business needs

Improving the productivity of developers with low-code attributes

Make decisions in cross-functional teams faster using integrated collaboration tools

Maintaining agility in order to be able to react quickly to changing business and customer requirements

Development of a variety of cost-effective solutions, from apps for process automation to the modernization of business-critical systems

No need to redesign applications using microservices that enable efficient operation and scaling

Creation of easily manageable and flexible, scalable solutions based on a cloud-native architecture

Quick and easy integration on SAP, as the Mendix platform is already integrated in SAP

Fast time-to-market with low code

When developing an application, the time-to-market can be greatly reduced compared to other development strategies. Low code allows prototypes to be developed quickly and then tested by future users in a timely manner. Innovations are brought to market faster. The acceptance among the end users accelerates continuously over the years as the customers get used to the new products and place more trust in them.

In comparison, the strategies for local development, as well as offshoring and nearshoring, have a longer time-to-market, since almost constant development effort has to be carried out for each new application.

Time to market per App in weeks