It is no longer size, but speed that ensures your competitiveness

The world is changing fast and the technology industry is changing even faster: New competitors enter the market unexpectedly; customer needs change rapidly. This forces traditional companies to radically rethink the way they work, in terms of speed, customer focus, and flexibility.

Established companies usually adapt slowly due to grown processes and structures. Only a few German companies have the necessary innovation competence, organization, and culture to offer digital, innovative services quickly. In this way they secure their competitive position in the long term.

With Scrum, Kanban, and Design Thinking everything becomes more flexible, faster, and cheaper.

Faster time-to-market and higher ROI

High customer orientation through early feedback and reaction to changes

Greater transparency about progress

Increased effectiveness and productivity of the development team

Greater team spirit and employee satisfaction

We help companies with our methodological know-how to become flexible in the rapidly changing world and stay competitive.

Build an agile company

We help you to introduce agile methods in your company – pragmatic and with a strong focus on the acceptance of your employees.

Empower employees to work agile

Our training is highly interactive and enables experimental learning experiences with agile methods.

Implement your IT projects with agile methods

Our agile coaches help build high-performing, self-organizing DevOps teams.

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Dr. Dietmar Wiedemann

Dr. Dietmar Wiedemann

CTO & Agile Expert

Agile transformation in the company
We implement agile working with agile methods

The process of an agile transformation begins with gaining insights through employee interviews and an analysis of the corporate culture. In the preparation phase, the change vision is drawn up, the managers are prepared, and the project is made known to the organization with storytelling, expert presentations, or other demonstrations. Training courses on agile frameworks and practices are also to be carried out for employees.

With maximum participation of the employees in large group workshops, change experiments for agile work are developed, carried out, and evaluated in short feedback loops. Supported by agile coaches, a continuous learning and adaptation process is created.

These experiments take place in a protected space with selected framework conditions. If they are successful, the skills gained must be sustainably integrated into the organization and anchored in the organization in the form of new structures and processes.

Our certified consultants master the tried-and-tested agile methods and safely navigate your DevOps teams to their finish lines!

How to use agile methods

  • Lightweight, iterative-incremental approach in short learning loops with few rules
  • Framework for the development, delivery, and maintenance of complex products
  • Method in which the amount of parallel work is limited and shorter throughput times are achieved
  • Quick transparency about problems and bottlenecks
  • Most widely used framework to scale agility with 150+ employees across the whole company
  • Coordination of teams and the entire organization (portfolio level)
  • Framework to develop a product with Scrum by up to 8 teams
  • Following the principle of “Less is More”, only a few extensions of Scrum
  • Management system for targeted and modern employee management
  • Framework for setting objectives and measuring key results
  • Four-to-five day workshop during which problems are analyzed, solutions developed, and ideas tested with customers
  • Opportunity to quickly get out of the starting blocks for projects, to solve complex problems with fresh ideas, and to be able to make well-founded decisions
  • Framework in which experiments for better collaboration are carried out on a voluntary basis and learning effects are generated for the organization

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Our in-house trainings are highly interactive and designed according to recognized neuroscience principles

  • The learners become part of the learning process and actively shape it instead of just passively consuming the learning content.
  • The learning content is conveyed more efficiently with practical training strategies and is easier to remember.
  • The learners move from “understanding” to “practical user” of what they have learned more quickly.

We educate all skills for agile work in remote and in-house trainings in a practical manner

Agile Leadership

Leadership basics, principle-oriented leadership, employee motivation, delegation, self-organization, competence development

Scrum Master

Roles, meetings, artifacts in Scrum, impediment management, facilitation, conflict management

Product Owner

Scrum framework, backlog management, release planning, business model canvas, lean start-up

Agile Basics for Teams

Basics of agile work, overview of agile frameworks, agile values and principles, agile teamwork


Certifications for Leading SAFe, SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager, SAFe Scrum Master SAFe for Teams


Kanban basics, best practices, metrics, continuous improvement (Kaizen), Kanban flight levels


Values and principles, formulation of OKRs, OKR cycle, tasks of the OKR master, introduction of OKR

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