Data-driven culture

Many companies collect large amounts of data that are of little value to the company. The reason for this is that the flood of data remains unused and unorganized in data silos. Data-driven culture means to base decisions on existing, processed, and analyzed data. In addition, it strengthens and accelerates decision-making. In order to react to customers, the market, suppliers, and other stakeholders, companies have to make increasingly faster decisions. Wrong or slow decisions can mean the failure of the company.

As a data enabler, Proventa supports you in mastering your rapidly growing and impenetrable big-data landscape by selecting the right tools and integrating them.

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Data driven culture

Big-data services

Architecture and Strategy Consulting

Tools and software selection target definition (KPIs, OKRs)

Data Discovery

Clean up and prepare unstructured data for software solutions

Data Governance

Control and quality assurance of data

Data Quality Management

Control and quality assurance of data

Data Management

Administration of a framework for stor­­ing, mining, and archiving data

Big Data Analysis

Merge and analyze large amounts of data from different sources and formats

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Create algorithms with self-optimization

Want to use your data better and generate added value for your business from it?

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Diego Calvo de Nó

Diego Calvo de Nó

COO & Big Data Expert

Make decisions based on your data

Use the relevant knowledge of data experts and proven tools that make it easier for you to handle the data. Your data paves the way for the digitization of your company and supports further processes for building your digital future.

I can answer all your questions about big data and help you to find the right model to profit from the advantages.

Big-data tools



Open Source


Data science means analyzing data with machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)

Successful companies are companies that rely on the storage and use of their data. Everything that leaves a digital footprint can be saved. Data analysis or big data are no longer a secret to companies, because the area of data processing has changed significantly over the past few years. Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) have paved the way and opened up new opportunities for data specialists. The data is processed by algorithms which themselves improve and develop over time. Areas of application for these technologies are mainly in routine tasks that can be carried out without the intervention of employees.

Overview of the benefits of using data science

Supporting decision-making

Making cost and time savings through data-supported risk analysis

Improving the coordination of teams or tasks

Following developments over short or long periods of time