Scale and digitize with the right cloud strategy

Home office and mobile workplaces define the standard in most companies with a digital focus. The exchange of information in the company is therefore becoming increasingly important with customers or partners. This aligns with increasing demands for the reliability and security of cloud services. Virtualization, flexibility, or cost reduction are just a few terms that are associated with cloud-based services. What they all have in common, however, is that the commitment to companies means a remarkable acceleration of processes. The associated competitive advantages make a strong contribution to making companies fit for the future and creating space for innovations.

Regardless of whether you are still at the beginning of your journey to the cloud or have already taken the first steps, we will support you with our specialized consultants from planning to implementation or modernization of your IT architecture and infrastructure.

As a cloud provider and independent consulting company, you will receive objective, tailor-made solutions from us.

Development of a cloud strategy

We support you with the most important issues relating to the cloud strategy.

Analysis of all IT services in the company

We analyze all IT services of the company and check these services according to various criteria.

  • Build or buy

  • Check open-source solution

  • SaaS, managed, or self-managed

  • On-premise or cloud
  • Check the virtualization level (VM, container) for the service

Develop a cloud strategy

Together we develop a tailor-made strategy based on the requirements and time frames.

  • Clarification of organizational support
  • Define the goals of the Cloud First strategy in a clear and understandable way for all parties involved
  • Selection of cloud service providers and service models
  • Definition of security risks and compliance issues

Transform business

As an independent consulting company, we pay particular attention to the requirements of the company during the transformation.

  • Creation of a transformation plan
  • Search for the right provider
  • Migration of the services

Are you ready for a cloud strategy that will fundamentally revolutionize the way you work?

Are you one of those companies that are facing a cloud transformation in order to advance their digitization? Make the leap now and integrate the technologies that will bring you added value in the digital future.

I can advise you on all your questions about cloud strategies and help you to find the right model to profit from the many advantages.

Dirk C. Aumueller

Associate Partner & Cloud Strategy Expert

Advantages of building the strategy with Proventa

Should you build or buy?


  • Application development
  • Set up the platform and wait


  • Avoid own development
  • Use of standard applications/services

Cloud providers AWS, Google, MS Azure, pluscloud in comparison

Many companies want to use the advantages of cloud computing for themselves and look at the different providers on the market. The cloud services have developed in the past and offer their customers new options and features. However, the choice of the right provider is complicated by the wide range of offers, as the cloud providers already offer hundreds of products, which are constantly being further developed. For a better overview, we have compared the largest cloud providers.

Amazon is the first provider to offer services in the cloud business and can therefore look back on cloud knowledge that has been built up over the years. The services were developed with a focus on the needs of consumers. The advantage of AWS is that it can process a lot of data and at the same time support many users. As a result, AWS is particularly suitable for companies with web-scale applications.

Microsoft is increasingly focusing on the security of its products. The cloud service is no exception in this regard. Government and administration institutions particularly appreciate this, which is why Azure has developed special services for this area. A big advantage of this cloud is that other Microsoft products can also be easily integrated.

Compared to other providers, Google’s cloud is the fastest on the market and offers a wide range of services and products. Its good data management makes it particularly suitable for data-intensive applications. GCP is particularly valued by companies with data analysis and products based on machine learning.

Pluscloud is the German alternative to the American counterparties. Through personal contact with the cloud provider, customers can develop individual solutions that are specially tailored to the company.