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1804, 2024

SELinux: A Mandatory Part of Running a Secure PostgreSQL Database


Data is the most critical asset of any company today. There are many recommendations to secure a PostgreSQL database, e.g. CIS Benchmark for PostgreSQL, but Linux provides already one which you should not avoid: Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux). SELinux provides access control for files, processes and applications to grant access or deny it. This security architecture [...]

2012, 2023

Cluster Monitoring with Prometheus & Grafana on EC2 Instances


In the previous blog post, Exporting metrics from etcd, PostgreSQL, PgBouncer and Patroni, we have prepared the endpoints for Prometheus to scrape metrics from etcd, PostgreSQL, PgBouncer and Patroni. In this blog post, we will use those endpoints to monitor the cluster with Prometheus and Grafana on EC2 instances. Prerequisites Make sure you [...]

2211, 2023

Setting up a Connection Pooler for PostgreSQL on EC2 Instances


In the world of database management, PostgreSQL stands tall as a powerful and reliable open-source relational database system. However, as database workloads grow, efficient connection management becomes crucial for maintaining performance and scalability. This is where connection poolers like Pgbouncer come into play. In this blog post, we'll explore the setup and configuration of [...]

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