Advantages of open source databases.

Open source databases have developed rapidly in recent years. They are very popular with developers and increasingly used in companies of all sizes. They therefore offer a strong alternative to commercial databases such as Oracle Database. The advantages are apparent:

  • Flexibility and high speed during development.

  • Quality assurance through viewable source code, detailed documentation, and a healthy and extremely helpful community.

  • Innovation potential through deployment on all common infrastructure solutions from bare metal to cloud.

  • Of course, there are also cost advantages when using open source databases. However, it is a fallacy that open source means free of charge, as the change to a new database management system is connected with effort.

Overview of all databases that fall within our area of ​​expertise


Install on physical, virtual servers or even containers with little effort

PostgreSQL (alias Postgres) is an open source RDBMS that has been continuously developed for more than 30 years. Postgres offers features and tools for a robust and high-performance RDBMS. Several times a year, minor releases with some bug fixes are published by the Postgres community. Once a year there is a major release. In addition to the open source Postgres, there is a commercial offshoot of the EnterpriseDB company, EDB Postgres. This is completely based on the Community Postgres and supplements it, for example, with tools for high availability or backup and recovery.
We are happy to support you in using Postgres in a professional environment.

Proventa is the founder of the PostgreSQL User Group (PUG) Frankfurt

Would you like to get to know us without obligation? Want to get informed and discuss current Postgres topics? Then you are welcome to join our group.

Deployment options

Postgres supports all common operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, and various Linux distributions. You can install Postgres classically on bare metal or virtualized, configure, and use it productively. However, cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services also offer a managed Postgres service. On containers with Kubernetes or OpenShift, you can operate your Postgres database cluster with high availability.

Bare Metal vs. Virtualisiert



Kubernetes vs. OpenShift

Overview of our database services

Proventa supports you in the whole spectrum of Postgres. As an EDB Platinum Partner, we can offer you German support for EDB Postgres. Be it the migration of your DBMS on Postgres, selected training for your employees, or advice on high availability and backup and restore. Proventa is there for you!

On our German blog you can also find additional information and tutorials on Postgres and Kubernetes.


Do you already operate a Postgres cluster? Maybe it is not set up for high performance or high availability? We’re here to help.
You can also leave the entire administration to us!

  • Performance tuning
  • pgAdmin & EDB PEM


Would you like to migrate to Postgres or do you need tips and tricks to operate your Postgres landscape as efficiently as possible?
Our experienced Postgres consultants will be happy to help you!

  • Installation & configuration
  • Open Source & EDB Postgres


Unsure whether you should use Open Source Postgres or EDB Postgres? Are you looking for the optimal deployment option? Our Postres con­sultants will be happy to advise you!

  • Open source or enterprise
  • Deployment options
  • Advantages vs. Oracle & DB2


We offer German language support for EDB Postgres and Open Source Postgres. Our consultants are available to you remotely or on-site.

  • 8×5 or 24×7 support
  • Licensing
  • Remote or on-site


Our experienced database consultants know common pitfalls and solutions for migrating your data to Postgres. Start your data migration today!

  • Migration planning

  • Migration support

Want more information?

I will be happy to advise you on all your questions about Open Source Database and Postgres and help you to find the right model to benefit from its advantages.

Dirk C. Aumueller

Associate Partner & Database Expert


Managed database and migration on Open Source

Together with our partner, we are strengthening the digital transformation of companies in the database area. For this purpose, plusserver offers a managed database that supports companies, for example, when switching hardware to a European cloud.

In combination with our offer to migrate databases to Postgresql, we are able to offer customers an extensive package.

PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres

We are a Platinum Partner of EDB Postgres and have already supported many companies in changing licenses from commercial databases, such as Oracle to Postgres.

Get an overview of EDB Postgres, its features, and its services

  • EDB is the largest PostgreSQL supplier with more 4.000 clients (100+ Fortune 500) and more than 300 employees
  • Single OS RDMBS-supplier in Gartner-Magic Quadrant (OPDBMS)
  • Largest footprint in PostgreSQL community
  • Security Features: Password profiles, session tag auditing, auditing, data encryption, data masking, connectivity to authentication (LDAP, Kerberos etc.)
  • Database Management: Management and migrationstools, high avalibility and backup/recovery
  • Software Connectivity: Support for JDBC, ODBC, OCI etc.
  • Oracle Compatibility: SQL extension, PL/SQL support, tools, drivers
  • Multi-Deployment Options: Bare metal, virtualization, cloud, container, hybrid solutions, PaaS and DBaaS integration
  • Fileformats/Foreign Data Wrapper: Links to all SQL/NoSQL systems and native support for JSONB, KVP and PostGIS
  • Support: 24/7 service and support, remote-DBA, managed database
  • License Model: One Licene, all features, core-based subscription model
  • EDB Tools: includes backup/recovery, OCI-connection, monitoring tools etc.

Which Postgres option suits your company best?

Every company has its own needs and priorities. We have compared the classic Open Source variant and the EnterpriseDB variant.

Open Source Postgres

  • Data types & integrity
  • MVCC & performance

  • Reliability & disaster recovery

  • Safety
  • Expandability
  • Internationalization & text search

  • Backup & recovery
  • High availability

EDB Postgres

  • Increased security
  • Enterprise tools
  • Oracle compatibility
  • Deployment options
  • Increased integration
  • Increased DBA & developer productivity

  • PostgreSQL community leadership
  • 24×7 support