1209, 2023

Setting up a highly available PostgreSQL Cluster with Patroni using Spilo Image


Patroni Cluster In the world of modern data-driven applications, having a reliable and available database is a must. This is where Patroni and Spilo come into play. Patroni is an open-source solution for managing high-availability PostgreSQL clusters, and Spilo is a container image that combines PostgreSQL and Patroni, simplifying the deployment of fault-tolerant [...]

609, 2023

Building a High-Availibity etcd Cluster on AWS


Welcome to the journey of building a high-availibity distributed key-value store. In this project we will build an etcd cluster inside Podman containers on AWS EC2 Instances. etcd is an open source, distributed key-value store designed for securely managing configuration data in distributed systems. Using Raft consensus protocol, it ensures consistent data across multiple [...]

2508, 2023

Provisioning AWS Resources with Ansible


In this section, we will learn how to provision AWS resources locally. We will use the Ansible AWS Collection to provision the AWS resources. We will create the following AWS resources: VPC Subnet Internet Gateway Route Table Security Group EC2 Key Pair EC2 Instance Prerequisites [...]

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